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Attempting Resuscitation

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Attempting Resuscitation Empty Attempting Resuscitation

Post by N4Z0M3KU Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:23 pm

Greetings, fellow Tenno!

It's been a while since this forum saw any activity. Some of us moved on to different clans, others stopped playing completely and some just cut back on their time spent on the game.

I have been on sporadically, but rarely missed more than a couple of days without running a few missions. One thing I've felt holding me back has been the inordinate ammount of resources necessary to produce the new weapons while our clan is stuck in the Storm tier (x10 the base cost) and yet a reluctance to commit to a new clan, with the little time I have, in order to get at the goodies.

DE have long talked about implementing a way for Warlords to lower the tier of a clan, and today this functionality has been introduced.

U18 patch notes wrote:Clan Warlords can now downsize the tier of their Clans. Do this by visiting your Dojo!

Starting tonight or tomorrow evening CET I will start removing from the clan any member that hasn't been active in the past 3 month, and then go ahead with dropping us down a tier or even two depending on how many are left. If you don't want to be removed, log in so your status is updated. Any previous member that wants to get back in after being removed can message me and will be added as soon as possible.

I'm going ahead with this with little warning as I feel that the clan has effectively been dead for over a year, and at that time we were talking of doing something like this if we had a chance. Still, if you have something to present on the matter go ahead. Smile

I hope this can mean at least a limited revival of our clan and home. Hope to see you in-game!


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